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1. Testimonials

Thank you so much for all of your help.

Will always recommend One Study to any budding students :) :)

Nathalie Guillemot
Aztec - 2014

I have really enjoyed my Study at One Study and I can safely say that as a team you are very friendly, approachable and above all else your support is fantastic.

Martin Coop
States of Jersey - 2014

I have recently done some training with you, The tutors were amazing and very helpful big thank you to Sally and Lesley for their help.
Office Administrator - 2013

Just a quick note to mention how brilliant Paul Davis is! Claudia and I have both learnt so much in the two sessions and have lots to take back to the workplace. Everyone should take part in the SDI course!

Statestreet - 2013

I just wanted to say thank you very much! You teaching was a lot of fun, incredibly informative and really useful.

Managing Director - Studentwhat 2013

The guidance and training of the tutors at Onestudy really helped me get through my course. I was very happy with the result I got.

Sean de Mouilpied - 2013

Moving to Onestudy was great and gave an opportunity to interact with a tutor who wanted you to pass. The classes were small, and allowed the opportunity to ask questions where you don't understand something, and get the most out of it. Angus (the tutor) took time out to teach me in his own time in order to make sure I passed. The small bite size courses meant greater understanding of the subjects and a better chance to pass. I can't thank the tutors enough.

Julian Burrows

Kleinwort Benson - 2012

When choosing a learning provider I always consider the tutors and Onestudy have the best in the business.

Mark Gilham
RBC -2012

Angus (P2, F8) is a great teacher and the day release rather than block worked well for me. I had a long break between the first ten and the last 3 and I wished I had known of your courses earlier and I would have studied them all with you.

Fiona Shilliday
States of Jersey - 2012

Jayne Howson (F5, F7, F9 tutor) brings the best out in people and gives a structured, ordered, yet friendly lesson where students can ask questions and get the most out of the class. She's the most approachable tutor I've come across and has a wealth of experience and background knowledge on the courses that she teaches. I felt very comfortable asking questions and feel like she's tailoring the syllabus to your individual needs.

I have experienced many tutors throughout my years at school and university and to date she's the best tutor I've ever had.

Dominic Mayes
Aztec Group - 2012

I passed F7. Thank you both for your help and support I wouldn’t have been able to get that if it wasn’t for you both and for that I am very grateful!

Gerard Mooney
Dominion Corporate Group - 2012

At Onestudy the classroom atmosphere is informal and friendly but you really do get through the work. The less stressful way to do ACCA! Nothing seems to be too much trouble for the staff. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Kevin O' Donnell F9 and P2 student

I enjoyed the personal touch, the ability to get in contact with queries and the speed of timely responses from Onestudy.

Small group mentality i.e. classroom discussions in smaller groups is a lot less daunting and easier to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a topic at the time of teaching.

Being taught in weekly 3 hour slots allowed me to digest a topic enhancing the depth of my understanding and my ability to recall more under exam conditions.

Jonathan Mynes F6 and P1 student

I have studied two courses with onestudy and find that the bite size sessions are much easier than the bulk learning and a added bonus was that I did not need to take anytime off work for the courses.

The tutors have been incredibly helpful and provided a great amount of support throughout the course, mocks and questions were marked in ample time to correct any last minute errors

I will definitely be continuing my studies with Onestudy and will be recommending them to others

Julie Welch F4 and F7 student

One Study has been fantastic to give me the best chances to succeed at the exams, especially as I have little study leave. Their evening classes are a key differentiator to the other providers and they take real interest in the success of their students. I thoroughly recommend One Study for anyone serious about ACCA!

Onestudy has given me the best chance to succeed at the exams. They take real interest in the succes of their students. I thoroughly recommend Onestudy to anyone serious about ACCA.

Francois Rouselle F4 and F5 student

The tutor was good at recognising our individual strengths and where we needed to focus attention. She made herself really accessible during the whole three months and would always get back to us with queries on the same day or let us pop into her office. She prepared a lot of extra material so we could practice the skills we had learnt in class and the revision packs summarised what we had learn and gave us extra exam practice questions. She made the lessons enjoyable and encouraged our focus not only to be on a positive exam result but also to conceptualise the theory into our business experiences. She really gave 100% into the whole process and I hope my mark will reflect all her hard work.
Sarah Willis F5, F6 and F7 student
JP Morgan 

I have studied my last three ACCA courses with One Study Training, and I found all my lecturers extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the courses that I was taking.

They were always available to answer any questions that I may have had....of which there were usually many!

I particularly found the weekly course structure to be more beneficial to me, rather than having to attend a block course over the space of a couple of months......I will definitely use One Study Training again, to hopefully complete my final accountancy papers
Karen Pierce P1, P2 and P3 student


2. ICSA testimonials

OneStudy Training provides the best ICSA tuition in the Channel Islands which is demonstrated by their consistently high pass rates. Class sizes are small, allowing time for plenty of one on one guidance. The career mentoring that comes with the tuition adds value

Andrew Whitchurch

I thought I would let you know that I won a prize, I cant believe it!!

I definitely recommend Onestudy as the tutors are very knowledgeable and committed and make it their personal mission to see their students pass.

Emma Roche, Nordic Capital
Achieved the Livery prize for the best worldwide student in the ICSA professional level 2007 exams.

“Tutoring is well organized, clear and precise and delivered in a way that brings relevance to the work environment”

Beth Warn

"Sara clearly has a breadth of knowledge in relation to the offshore market and has a definitive teaching style which really does help in building your own understanding. I would certainly recommend Sara to anyone that is looking to develop themselves professionally."

Steve Coutanche – Barclays Wealth

One study is exactly how you feel when attending a course, even if you are in a class of 10 or more you actually feel that you are getting one to one tuition. I have and will continue to recommend One Stuidy as a preferred supplier for ICSA - you can't beat it!

Sacha Coppell
Manager, Fiduciary Services, Capia Fiduciary Group Limited

“Onestudy are so professional yet approachable, always on standby to lend an extra hand. The study packs have to be the best set out that I have seen to date and very friendly to use for revision purposes. Also, most of the classes are out of working hours which keeps the employers happy!!
I have used a number of Companies over the years whilst studying but would whole heartedly recommend Onestudy to colleagues and friends.”

Emma short – Barclays wealth

 I found Onestudy to be extremely helpful to me whilst studying for the exams. At a glance the handbook and mind maps give a summary of each topic and are very useful to revert to when topics have been covered as they highlight the key points. The notes provided are detailed but simple explanations and language is used to explain difficult theories (especially for corporate financial management). I have used other revision courses in the past but by far Onestudy was the most beneficial.

I have no problem in putting my name to any complimentary comments about the notes provided by Onestudy – they are most definitely in a class of their own.
Joanne (Luxembourg) 

A co-worker of mine told me about Onestudy after I failed my corp law
for the second time. She had nothing but praise for the materials.
Having received the online study notes that Angus provided me with, I
can see why.

Rhonda Trott – Appleby

"Having studied with various tuition providers during the years, I found One Study to be a refreshing change. The tutors are experienced and helpful and provide a very good service both in and out of the classroom to the students. I found the courses interesting and informative and would have no hesitation in recommending One Study to other students. Overall a very positive experience."

Claire Southam
AIBJerseytrust Limited

'I'm pleased to say that that's me qualified!........I won't hesitate to recommend Onestudy to friends and colleagues who intend to study for their ICSA'

 Mathew Fletcher, Moorestephens, Jersey

I would  like to say a big thank you for your time and hugely helpful tips given during our classes.

I hope to see you on other courses, as I intend to stick with One Study for all of the ICSA Professional modules. I think that the way you have gone about teaching and all of the notes, mind maps and flip cards are extremely beneficial to us students.

Claire Guillaume
Key Trust  

"I have used different tuition providers over the years whilst studying for both ISCA Diploma and Professional and have achieved the most consistent success since I started studying with Onestudy.
The tutors are professional and friendly, and are always willing to offer extra help.

In particular, Lesley's classes for accounting based topics make what may be overly technical and not particularly interesting topics [to non-accountants] enjoyable and her method of teaching puts things into 'Layman's terms' and really gets the message across.

Lesley's professional knowledge and experience give her a confidence and assurance of the topic which transmits through to the students.

I had sat Financial Accounting before [more than once] and with OneStudy and Lesley's help I got a distinction having sat one course with OneStudy.

The study packs are well presented and very friendly to use for revision purposes.
The majority of classes are out of working hours being either at evening or weekends which keeps time away from the office to a minimum and so keeps employers happy!! The courses are also held in extremely comfortable venues.

I would [and have] recommended Onestudy to my colleagues and friends"

Paul Young
Philean Trust Company Limited

“I recently studied for the ICSA Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretaryship exams with OneStudy, and found the tutors to be professional, extremely knowledgeable on their subjects, and the study material provided was invaluable.

OneStudy go that extra bit further to assist students, with the tutors being friendly, flexible and willing to put themselves out to help.

I will be using OneStudy for the remainder of my exams, and recommend that you do too!”

Lesley Mackay
Capita Fiduciary Group 

The support I received from Onestudy whilst I was studying was fantastic and this was reflected in my exam result and in the results of my class, over 40% of which earned a distinction, I attribute my distinction in Financial Accounts to my Onestudy tutor who was excellent at making a dull & difficult subject manageable.  In fact, all the tutors are very knowledgeable and committed and make it their personal mission to see their students pass.  The notes and mindmaps were also a  real help.

 I have trained with three training providers on the island and would definately recommend Onestudy to students of all levels. They certainly have a new approach.

Carla Channing, Manager, Jersey Financial Services Commission, Worldwide Prizewinner - ICSA professional Financial Accounting

The first course I have enrolled with you is CFM. It was my last resort as 3 times I have failed the paper. I was at the point of giving up but I give myself a last chance

 I was impressed by the course materials with the way it has been designed and specially it is written in a simple and understable language compared to the text book which is boring and voluminous.

 The revision course at the last minute help me a lot as two questions came out more or less exactly in the exam. This was for June 07 exam. The result came out in August and I finally pass the paper. One of my colleague was in the same situation like me. I recommended him and he also passed the paper in Dec 07 exam.

 Distance Learning Student

I rate Onestudy as an effective student learning provider. Below are the three most important things I value in the learning process provided by Onestudy:

Experienced, motivated lecturers -  All the lecturers have a wealth of experience having tutored for many years. In addition they are all stakeholders in the company and therefore have a vested interest in its success, which will be measured by how many students pass the exams at the first sitting.

The classes are extremely interactive and students are put at ease, no question is a stupid question!
 Subject material - l Onestudy provide comprehensive, easy to understand subject notes, bringing out the salient points of each chapter. The textbook, describes these points in more detail and as a result can be used more as a reference tool then something that needs to be read and inwardly digested from cover to cover.

The chapter revision quizzes are great for testing one’s knowledge and understanding.
The mind maps for each chaptered give you the trigger points for your thought process, which work well to prompt memory recall.

There are two Mock Exams. They are geared to the course timeline which make them useful as a further progress/knowledge retention check.

Facilities -  The classes are held in very pleasant surroundings, with refreshments provided. Students have space in which to work and presentations are delivered using up to date technology.

Over the course of my ICSA studies (twelve exams so far) I have used the three main providers within Jersey. I changed to Onestudy when it was launched and have been extremely satisfied. I have no reason to contemplate change to another provider.

You should give Onestudy a go and I’m sure you will feel the same!

Marilyn Conolly, JP Morgan

Thank you though for all your help and support with the Corp Admin revision, and I would like say that you materials are very good compared with your competitors. 

Nevine McDonald
Lloyds TSB 

Delighted to say I passed, which means I'm now qualified and no longer studying. Sadly that means I can't come to any more classes, my one regret at having passed!

I must say thank you for all your help and assistance over the past years of study, a process that was made a lot easier through your, Sara's and Angus's unique way of tuition, very much relaxed but very informative!

Ian Osborne, EFG

 I started my ICSA Diploma whilst working in Jersey and have since relocated to London with two modules left to complete. Tuition for the offshore syllabus is not available onshore and following discussions with a colleague he suggested I should contact One Study and see about finishing the qualification as a distance learning student.

I found the course material extremely helpful when used in conjunction with the textbook and the mind maps and exam buster passcards made revision all the more manageable. I also attended the two day revision course which was extremely helpful.

The staff are always ready to lend a hand and my tutor Sara for Governance & Reporting was knowledgeable, concise and very approachable. All in all I would say I am extremely happy with the service provided and would recommend One Study as a tuition provider.

Abbey Joseph

With the help of One Study I went into my exam feeling prepared and confident. The tutors are excellent and go out of their way to ensure you have the best chances of passing first time. One Study makes studying enjoyable believe it or not! I will definitely be joining them again for the next course.

Andrea Sturges

OneStudy is the place to study! The tutors help in every way possible to make sure you pass your exam with flying colours. They are full of expertise and experience and are happy to give any help and advice even out of hours. Their encouragement is a breath of fresh air!”

Alexa McFadyen