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Fundamentals of Private Equity

  • Fundamentals of Private Equity - CPD

    About the course

    The course is designed to assist participants in appreciating the fundamentals of private equity, to help them ask the right questions and be able to discuss key issues.

    Course content

    Session 1: Background to private equity

    • Background to growth of the private equity market and current trends
    • Private equity vs. Hedge funds
    • Case study: Review of a variety of deals to identify transaction types

    Session 2: Private Equity Funds and the Investment Cycle

    • Reasons for limited partnership structure
    • General Partner/Manager and Limited Partner roles
    • The fund raising process, investor due diligence, capital commitments and closes
    • Draw down/investing/distribution
    • Managing the portfolio
    • Case study: Fund structure and fees

    Session 3: Structuring and Pricing a buyout

    • What influences Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
    • Key aspects of structuring and typical structures across small to large deals
    • The different types of debt: senior, second lien, mezzanine, high yield bonds
    • The importance of loan characteristics – amortisation/bullet, PIK
    • Equity considerations and special features of management equity
    • Case study: Simple IRR

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Tutor: Heather Lightbody

Cost: £370